• How Can We Help?

    Our Roundtable on How Can We Help? A discussion on eating disorders was a very special night.

    We give our sincere gratitude to Dr. Daria Love, Dr. Niva Piran and Lauren Goldhamer, our speakers from that night, for conducting a thoughtful and exclusive presentation for HAPA.

    Our personalized menu for the night was provided by Craig Mark Catering. If you are interested in hiring him for your gathering you can contact him at (647) 984 5926 or craigmark@rogers.com. The spread was delicious and healthy.

    We also thank Dr. Dana Colson for hosting our group yet again in her serene abode and for her always gracious hosting.

    Lastly, thank you to our guests and members for your support and for taking the time to educate yourself a bit on this widely affecting health topic. We appreciate any feedback you care to leave and hope to have you at our next event!

    With kind regards,

    HAPA Board

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